What is PlayBoxCade?

Breaking down barriers

Since the dawn of the Internet, it has broken down the barriers of content creation and publishing. It has done more than any other invention in history to enable everyone in the world to engage in the creation and publishing of content of all kinds, ranging from the written article, to music and art, to video, and now, to the creation of games.

Creation and Publishing in one platform

As a result of the ubiquity of mobile phones with digital cameras, and platforms like Instagram and Youtube, everyone in the world has the opportunity to be a creator and a publisher for video content.

With PlayBoxCade, we aim to do the same for the creation and publishing of games. With PlayBoxCade, you can build, publish and share your games. Just by using your phone, tablet or computer's browser.

The Web, WebGL, and the Cloud - the perfect storm

Lots of technical buzzwords? Don't worry, these three things combined provide the perfect storm for a revolution in the creation of games, just like the mobile phone and the Web created a revolution for the creation of photos and videos. Here is how:

  • Just like Youtube and Instagram, the World-Wide-Web is used as the publishing platform. Modern browsers contain everything you need to build or play a game.
  • WebGL allows any phone, tablet or computer to be used to run games at a high framerate, so that your gameplay experience is the same.
  • The Cloud enables the computing, storage and other technologies needed to create a platform for the creation and consumption of games.

We firmly believe that the mobile phone combined with the advancement of web technologies will create a revolution in the creation and publishing of games, just like has happened with video, photos and articles.

But isn't game creation hard?

Anyone should be able to create a game. Previously, the editing of videos and music was restricted to only those that had access to specialised tools and hardware. The revolution of the Internet brought these tools into the hands of everyone.

We believe the same will happen with the creation of games. And PlayBoxCade is the first platform to do this.