Introducing Tutorials!


With the new tutorials that have been added to PlayBoxCade, we'll get you up and running and building games in minutes. There are a series of short, focused tutorials for you to finish. Each tutorial will teach you an important element of game development.

Tutorials Image

Starting out

Just go to PlayBoxCade and you can start immediately, no login required.

The tutorials

We've started off by creating 6 tutorials, that cover some basics to get started. The main skills that are covered are:

  • Placement of toys (objects).
  • Adding of behaviour to toys through components.
  • Parent / child relationships between toys.
  • The introduction of the Repeater Toy.

Tracking your progress

As you progress through the tutorials, you're progress gets tracked if you are login. This allows you to come back later at any time and continue your journey to creating games!

Completed tutorials image

Happy Creating!