Building Breakout - On your phone!


One of the first games I ever made when I was starting out making games, was of course Breakout. Breakout is a good 'starter' game because it has a little bit of everything - some basic physics, collision detection, of course player input, and a simple win and lose condition.

Back Then

I can't quite remember how long it took me back then to build it, but I would guess it was a month or two. You had to have access to a bunch of things back then to create a game like this:

  • A compiler. I used Turbo C++. (which I was lucky to have in the first place)
  • A computer. (which I was lucky to have)
  • Some art. (which I created in some free pixel editor whose name I can't remember)
  • A book or two, or some friends who knew how to build games. (I was lucky to have both)

Now you can build it on your phone!

How the world has changed! Check out this video, where I build (a very basic) Breakout in under 5 minutes, on my phone!

You'll notice the following:

  • No need for a compiler, or any code for that matter.
  • You can just do it on your phone.
  • Just use existing art from the PBC asset library.
  • You'll still need to learn - but that's what we are here for!

This is how we aim to change the world with PlayBoxCade.